Beaufighter night fighter

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Beaufighter night fighter 
"A" and "B" models, markings, canopy

The Beaufighter was an outgrowth of the Bristol Beaufort. It proved to be a very successful aircraft, used as a heavy fighter, patrol aircraft, attack aircraft, anti-shipping strike fighter, and a night fighter. It began its career as a night fighter after the Battle of Britain, being used to intercept German nighttime bombing raids, and proved to be successful and popular with its crews up through its replacement with the deHaviland Mosquito.

This kit is mostly a remolding of Tamiya's Beaufighter kit, in black plastic. There are some kit specific parts, such as the radar antennae, but parts for the "regular" kit are also included - such as the rocket rails and the (unused in any release so far) thimble nose and autopilot housing. Fit is reported to be excellent, though there are some ejecor pin marks inside the fuselage which leave little circular "gaps" in the interior detailing. This can be rectified with some finely stretched sprue.

More as this gets built.