Gloster Meteor Mk.1

The full size Meteor

Kit Manufacturer
Out of Box or Modified
Rating (1-10)
Gloster Meteor Mk1
Prototype or two operational fighter mkgs

This is an overall excellent kit.  Tamiya seems to have thought of everything at first glance - including a hefty weight to keep the 'plane from sitting on its tail!  There is quite a bit of detail, including the two Rolls Royce jet engines (which they also included clear covers for.)

Tamiya did, however, make a few mistakes which, with a little work, can be easily corrected.

  1. Check your sources before building the prototype version!! Not all of them had the tail "bullet" and some had other modifications made.
  2. None of the prototypes or Mk.1 aircraft had airbrakes!  Glue them shut and putty them in.
  3. The prototypes and Mk1's had fabric covered ailerons, and the trim tabs were located differently (again, check your sources.)  These are easily fixed with a little putty and scribing.
  4. Do not use the canopy with the "blister" up top for the rear view mirror.  No prototypes or Mk1's used this.
  5. If you build the prototype, make sure the gun fairings are faired shut (if need be. Sources, again.)
  6. Wing walk decals - They have one piece rectangular decals.  This is fine except for one small detail- the hump in the wing they go over.  Your best bet is to cut the wing walk stripes and stencils and position them.
  7. The undercarriage "blisters" are too short - they should extend about halfway to the lower airbrakes (which again shouldn't be there in the first place.)
They don't take too long to fix, honestly, and this is a very fine looking model.  From the parts enclosed, it looks like they are planning to release a later mark Meteor at a future date.  Keep your eyes open, and build this kit in the meantime. =]


Tamiya has finally released the updated Meteor with the correct wing.  To tell if your kit has the correct wing, look at the side box art. If there's no airbrakes shown anywhere on the box, it's the corrected kit.  Some modellers have managed to get corrected wings from Tamiya for a fee, others have not. Your mileage may vary.