Curtiss Hawk 75 in Finnish service

Kit Kit Manufacturer Scale Price Options Out of Box (OOB) or Modified Rating (1-10 10=best)
"Pearl Harbor" P-35  Hobbycraft  1/48  $15  Multiple US Army and Brazilian types  Modified (paint and markings) 

This is the same kit as the P-36c (the exact same kit, actually - I wasn't happy with the finish on the last kit, so I stripped the paint, fixed, cleaned up, and repainted it.) Some modifications were needed to present the aircraft as a Hawk 75 - the underwing shell collection"bins" were removed, two more wing gun barrels were added (included in the kit - yes they broke off since then,) and Aeromaster decals were added.

Track down Squadron's "The Finnish Air Force" book for history and information.

This kit was not "modeled" after a specific aircraft - it is a 'generic' Finnish Hawk. The Curtiss Hawks were not assigned to specific units, though some aircraft did carry personal markings of their pilots.

Also, as a side note, while the Finnish air force used a blue swastika on a white background as their national insignia until the end of WWII, there was no relation to Nazi Germany or Naziism in general, nor were they really "allies" of Germany. The symbol was the family symbol of count Eric von Rosen, who donated the first aircraft to the Finnish Air Force over a decade before Hitler's rise to power and adoption of the Swastika for his party's symbol..