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Mirage 2000



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The Mirage 2000 is the latest in the Mirage series of Dassault delta wing fighters, one of the best selling series of fighters in the world. The 2000 has been in service with the French air force for some time now (nearly 20 years) as well as other air forces (such as India, Taiwan, Egypt, and Abu Dhabi,) and has proven itself to be a capable, flexible fighter and attack aircraft.

The Monogram kit, while including decals for an operational Mirage 2000, really reflects one of the later prototypes (the Mirage 2000-04) and the molds had not been updated since the initial release of the kit. (I had one of the inital releases many years ago, in white overall with red, white, and blue prototype markings.) There are a few, easy to correct inaccuracies in the kit, if you want to build a late prototype or an production aircraft. I chose to build the kit as a 2000C/S-3.

The interior went together very easily. There are some ejector marks here and there, but they're covered by other components, so I didnt' worry about them. I didn't weather the cockpit.- and it should be painted a light bluish-grey, not the darker grey I finished it in. (Oops.) The instrument panel appears correct for an early to mid production aircraft, though the latest variants have video displays instead of dials.

The cockpit fit into the fuselage easily, and with a little time lining up the wheel well sidewalls/nose gear doors, the fuselage went together smoothly. The sides were slightly misaligned, so there were seams to be cleaned up, though they weren't bad. I went slightly out of order here and fit the wing together, fit the intakes and splitters together, then added the wing (with a slight gap on one side, filled and sanded smooth) to the fuselage. There were also gaps at the bottom edge of the rear of the fuselage and at the front edge where the fuselage and wing bottom meet - not huge gaps, but some putty and sanding were needed. Once this was dry, I fitted the intake assemblies (after painting the back "wall" on the fuselage flat black - a replacement resin trunking would work well here) which fit well on one side, though the other had to be sanded down to match the contour of the fuselage at the join.

At this point, you'll probably be able to look at the model and realize, hey - it's nearly done. And you'd be right. Now, though, come the fiddly bits - there are data probes and aerials all about the aircraft, and not all of them are really "there" on any of the pictures of operational Mirage 2000C/S3s. Others need modifying. Here's a list of what you'll need to fix:

The kit is mostly together at this point, and you can start looking into painting.

Painting. The Mirage has several users around the world, which can lead to some interesting paint schemes (the next Mirage 2k I build is either going to be one of the Arab states, in desert camo, or from Taiwan.) For this one, though, I decided to do a French air force fighter. The color scheme on the aircraft seems to change a bit - apparently depending on lighting. The kit box shows a light grey and blue scheme, which looks about right in some light. After a quick inquiry on rec.models.scale, I was told the proper colors would actually be (according to a Carpena decal sheet) Matt Pale Grey (FS 36373, Humbrol 127,) Satin gray-blue (FS36375, humbrol 144,) and Radome pale grey (FS 36314, Humbrol 162.) Given how close the FS values are, I can understand how hard it is to tell the color differences...

Since I had to go out and find the paint, I put the kit aside for a bit and finished the exhaust area. The interior is a darker burnt/gunmetal, the outside is finished with (what else) rub 'n buff (which is appropriate for a relatively new aircraft, and I wasn't planning to weather this jet. Most Mirage 2000s I've seen pictures of in French service are pretty clean.) Off to the hobby shop to buy paint... more pictures when I manage to find the paint!