Heinkel HE-111H-22

with FI-103 (V-1)

Pictures available soon.

Kit Manufacturer
Out of Box (OOB) or Modified
Rating (1-10 10=best)
Heinkel HE-111H-22
Not yet built, will be modified

 Built in the mid to late thirties, the HE-111 became one of a trio of bombers made famous by Germany's Blitzkrieg through Europe and attacks during the Battle of Britain. Its distinct glazed nose and elliptical wing made it easily recognizable through all of its variants - even the monster HE-111z "Zweillig," two HE-111s connected by a center wing section and powered by five engines, used for towing the giant "Gigant" glider into the air.  Designed as a fast, lightly armed bomber, it served throughout the second world war, fighting off its obsolecense with flexibility.

Monogram's HE-111 kit comes in two variants - one, an HE-111H-6 (if I remember properly) was released through the regular Monogram line and was armed with two torpedoes. The other kit - this one - was released through the ProModeller line, and came armed with a V-1 flying bomb.

Unfortunately, the detail changes between the two variants were ignored by Revell-Monogram, and are left to the modeller to correct.

The changes consist of a scattering of details all about the airframe. There is some question of the accuracy of the nose, but it looks OK to me. Note that this has a lot of glass area, so any work in the cockpit will be noticed.

Right behind the cockpit glass edge, about 1/2 inch back on the kit,there should be a loop antenna present. This is not provided in the kit. Moving farther back, along each side of the dorsal gun turret opening, you'll see a rail. This rail is correct for the variants with a sliding glass "hood" for the gunner, but should be removed for the turret armed variants. Finally, the side window - normally equipped with a machine gun - should have a tube running from the aircraft to the V-1.

The last few bits are iffy. Questions have arisen about the underfuselage "gondola" armament, which I can't confirm or deny the accuracy of for this aircraft, and the propeller blades. They should have the wide blades, and these are noticably wider, but they may still be a little too narrow. Nothing major.

More info as this gets built.