Horton HO-229b Night Fighter

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Horton 229b Nachtjager

The Horton HO-229 fighter (kit reviewed elsewhere) was an amazing aircraft.  Not just was it one of the first jet powered aircraft, but it was a flying wing whose design was tested in a whole series of Horton aircraft. Northrop, in the US, had been working on similar designs for years.  When the wing was captured by the allies, another variant was on the drawing board for a two seat trainer, which could also have been the basis for the night fighter, as was the case with the ME-262b. This kit is based on that scenario, as the two seat aircraft was never developed due to the end of the war.

The first look at this kit shows what I've come to expect from DML - great mold quality, fine detail. There's just one sprue of photoetch, and unlike the single seat variation, no engine or "framing" detail inside.  The cockpit and nosewheel well is boxed in, and there are solid wing attachment points (no engine or cannon detail which, while interesting and well done, made for very weak wing attachment points and iffy fit.) Front and rear engine "cans" are given in lieu of the full 14-piece engine "mini-kit," which - while missed - looks like it'll make assembly much easier.

Four early air-to-air missiles are included with the kit.

Only one scheme - similar to the one on the HE-219, though the darker grey mottle is spaced out more and will probably be individually sprayed on after the lichtblau base coat.

More info as it's built.