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Junkers JU-88c Zerstorer





Not yet built.

 The JU-88 was developed initially for a medium fast bomber competition. The airframe itself proved very adaptable, however, and variants appeared for interceptors, night fighters, recon, and even unmanned bombs!

The JU-88c this kit was based on had a "solid" nose, with a set of machine guns and cannon, similar to those used on the Russian front and those used for long range patrols over the Atlantic and the North Sea. (See the 3/99 issue of Aviation History for a British flying boat crew's encounter with these aircraft.) Two options for markings are given - a whitewashed German machine serving on the Russian front, and a Hungarian machine (which will be modelled here.)

The kit has the standard Dragon JU-88 split fuselage, the rear of which is common to all JU-88 kits. Typical for Dragon, the moldings are clean and very flash free. Clear parts are bagged seperately. The one gripe I have with this kit so far, even without building it, are the painting directions for the German version. The instructions show a vague blur of blue (the green areas) over an all white aircraft. The box sides show what looks like a white aircraft, heavily rusted along its panel lines. Inquiries on the newsgroup rec.models.scale revealed a more likely possibility - a standard "splinter" camoflage scheme underneath a worn whitewash finish. A note to this effect would have been nice in the Dragon instructions instead of the bizzare "blur" they gave.

More as this kit gets built.

UPDATE - I sold this kit, and it's been reissued with different markings under the ProModeler label from Revell-Monogram.