JU-88 G-6 Nachtjaeger

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JU-88 G-6 Nachtjaeger

Dragon (Kit 5509)




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The JU-88, initially designed for the RLM's "Schnellbomber" requirement, proved to be an exceptionally versatile aircraft. Initially used as what it was designed as - a medium bomber - and successful in that role throughout the war, it was later modified for a number of other uses such as a tank destroyer, day fighter/"Zerstorer," night fighter, and even a flying bomb ("Mistel" - unmanned, of course.)

This kit, now out of production, is another of Dragon's series of JU-88 kits, which also include the G-1/G-10, C-6 Zerstorer, and A-4 bomber (marketed in the United States under Revell-Monogram's ProModeller line.) The kit finally arrived after a long search by Hobbyweb (no longer in existance, 7/2002) and was given a thorough look over. It appears to use the same rear fuselage as the other models in Dragon's JU-88 line - they're sure getting their money's worth out of the molds, if nothing else! The fuselage ends near the front of the wing root, allowing for varied cockpit areas. In this kit, apparently, the night fighter cockpit area is so heavy it requires something that's a first for me - 9 grams of weight in the tail of the aircraft to keep it on its gear! While this isn't unusual for tricycle gear aircraft, like the Dragon ME-262 kits, for a "tail-sitter" it most definately is.

The kit comes with the same finely molded sprues that I'm used to seeing from Dragon, well detailed and clean. Hopefully it doesn't have the fit problems I see from them in their ME-262 series. Outside of the common rear fuselage and other parts, it carries specific parts for the cockpit and front and rear radar aerials, the 20mm cannon pod under the fuselage and cannon barrels (two, location varied depending on which aircraft you model) in the usual "Schrage Musik" overhead installation, as well as a 13mm rear cockpit gun for defense. This is definately not a lightly armed night fighter! But with two huge Jumo engines hauling the original aircraft around, there was power to spare.

More information as this is built up.