ME-262a2a/u2 Bomber


Kit Kit Manufacturer Scale Price Options Out of Box (OOB) or Modified Rating (1-10 10=best)
ME-262a2a/u2 Jet Bomber Dragon/DML 1/48 $28 Markings   8

This was an experimental version of the ME-262, created in response to Hitler's demands for a "Schnellbomber." The Revi gunsight of the initial 262's did not help much with accurate bombing - so these two were created with a second crewman and a glass "bomber" nose. Two cannons were deleted, and the profile of the 262 was drastically changed. 

If you haven't read any of the other DML reviews (HO-229 in the "Fighters" or the ME-262 recon) - well, it's not a kit for the beginner or faint of heart. The detail is great, several good sprues of photoetched parts are included for fine detail - but fit takes work (and several refits.) Get some superglue handy to tack parts (specifically fuselage halves, wing undersides, and engine nacelles) together and in place before applying plastic cement. 

Also, get some lead fishing weights - you do need them, as this kit is a tailsitter. They fit in in a nice compartment between the rear bulkhead of the nose, and the front of the cockpit bulkhead. In lieu of the fishing weights, ten US pennies work perfectly. 

Final comments - the photoetch is finely detailed, the transparencies are very clear and nicely done, and the kit comes with two figures, also well molded. If you're patient, and are willing to do some work (this is not a "shake together" kit) you'll end up with a good model of an unusual ME-262 variant.