Gallery: Hobbycraft's Hawk 75 / P-36

Given that I have so many pages with Hawk 75s and P-36s, I've decided to just add the photos here instead of write up yet another review for each kit. Enjoy!
Please note: This is very much an image-heavy page. It may take time to load. Please be patient.


XP-36F, armed with two 23mm Madsen cannon, in temporary camo as it appeared at the Dayton expo.
another top
The other side. One error here, by the way - the entire left side of the cowl to the black camo on the bottom should be that lighter tan.  Oops.
Believe it or not, this was masked with Silly Putty for the most part. First time I tried that.  Yeah, the wing edge is a bit rough.Must find resin engine replacement....
Front view
Slightly more top down view
more top down view

Fixed gear Hawk 75 M

Fixed gear hawk 75 M for China There's something about the fixed gear hawks...  they just look different. I kind of like it.
Unfortunately, there's a shape issue with the cowl on these kits - it should be much more cyndrelical, not oval, from the front.
Rear view
I'm really not sure if the markings should be this light. I actually think so, for this tiemframe.... Hard to see, but I enhanced the panel lines with some pencil lines. Works nicely, and flattened Future finishes the job for a good overall finish.

Peruvian Hawk 75 / P-36G

This is the Mohawk IV kit built out of box, with Peruvian markings. (Note that though the box says "Mohawk," it's ONLY correct for a Mohawk IV.) You can see the oval (as opposed to actually ROUND) cowl here.
Front view
I really thought that this one would win that modeling madness contest - or at least make a good showing... don't get me into that... Scott said long ago it wasn't accuracy, but a "popularity" contest for the models. Oh well. I'm still happy with it.
As entered in contest
Note that you can build this aircraft the exact same way, and give it three sets of markings - the Norwegian Hawks (shown below,) these markings (late in life,) or in between - olive drab over neutral grey as a USAAC P-36G. Only one with the Cyclone engine, four wing guns, ring-and-bead sight, and the ADF "Football" on the spine. Might be other Norwegian markings, but... That's ignoring all the British markings for the kit, Chinese, and others.
Outside view

Norwegian Hawk 75 A-8

A side view of a Free Norwegian Hawk-75A-8. Markings are all hand painted.
Top view
Upper surface view of the same aircraft. You can barely make out the penciled-in panel lines...

Brazilian and Finnish P-36s

Finnish Hawk-75. Not a great picture, but...
Finnish aircraft
... it is the first one I built.

Both Hawks
Group shot of the Brazilian and Finnish hawks. Actually, the Finnish hawk should have the antenna, while the Brazilian shouldn't...
Brazilian Hawk shot 1...
... and 2, both from the review.