Grumman F7F-2n Tigercat

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F7F-2n Tigercat




-2n Nightfighter or -2 test a/c from the NATC

The F7F "Tigercat" was an outgrowth of the XF5F "Skyrocket" (recently kitted by Minicraft) twin engine fighter, and was the last (and largest) of the prop-driven Grumman 'cats. Designed as an interceptor and a fighter bomber, it came into service one day before the end of WWII. It did see action in China and in Korea.

This kit can add some color to your collection. It's one of two nightfighter variants of the Tigercat in AMT's stable (the other has a different nose - which as I recall is reported to be incorrect.) You can build it as the trials aircraft, in overall dark sea blue, or as the aircraft from the Naval Air Test Center in overall insignia yellow. I'm going to build this one up as the nightfighter - partially because it carries ordinance, and partially because I truly, honestly hate painting yellow. Maybe later...

One warning - do not use the "rubber" tires AMT provides. They are infamous for dissolving the polystyrene plastic in the kit. Find a nice set in the spares box, or use the (overly flat) tires from True Details.