Seversky P-35

Kit Manufacturer
Out-of-Box or Modified
Rating 1-10 (10=best)
P-35a "Philipine Defender"
Hobbycraft Canada
Multiple markings for US and Sweedish aircraft
Out Of Box
This is the only kit of the P-35 that I know of.  When I saw it, I had to pick it up just for something different.
The kit has the typical Hobbycraft flaws (from what I've built at least) - the fit is better than some of their kits, but the interior is sparse, other fit items are very poor (such as the wheel pants - you have to trim them if you want the aircraft displayed with the wheels down, and they don't really show you where) and the instructions are poor.  Still, they did get a reasonable kit out the door. With some work, filling, sanding, and paying attention to what you're doing, a decent kit can be had