Curtiss P-40k

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The Curtiss P-40, though obsolete shortly after the beginning of World War II, was still needed to hold the line while updated aircraft were developed and produced. The P-40 itself was also updated in the interim to try to improve its performance and capability. The P-40k can be distinguished from earlier models by the longer tail it was given to improve directional stability.

This kit is an example of another way of reusing old molds. The fuselage provided is for an earlier "short-tailed" P-40. The long tail is provided seperately, and requires you to cut off the end of the fuselage (carefully!) and replace it with this assembly. It cuts off at a panel line, so cut it just slightly aft of this and sand (with sandpaper taped to a flat surface, such as glass) down to the panel line. This should give you a good join.

More as this gets built.