North American P-51b Mustang

Kit Kit Manufacturer Scale Price Options Out of Box or Modified Rating 1-10
P-51B Tamiya 1/48 $25 Multiple markings and finishes Out of Box 9.75
This is the first of the Merlin-powered mustangs, which finally brought performance at high altitudes up to par.

This kit is from my OTHER favourite manufacturer, Tamiya.  They have exceptionally well engineered kits.  This one almost literally "fell together" - Not a seam or fit problem in the entire kit.  Very heartily reccommended.  The only reason this kit doesn't rate a "10" is one minor point - the cockpit floor is shown as the top of the wing, which is correct in earlier Mustangs, but for the P-51B and later, it should be a plywood floor. (An easy fix, and the only "flaw" in the entire kit.)