Douglas P-70 Nightfighter

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Douglas P-70 Nightfighter





The P-70 was an interim nightfighter modification of the Douglas A-20 Havoc bomber.Radar was fitted, the nose glass was painted over, and a ventral cannon pack was added with four 20mm cannon. It was apparently a successful modification, operated for a short time by both the British and by the USAAC in the Pacific theatre until replaced by the P-61 "Black Widow."

The kit itself is moulded in grey plastic, and appears to share many parts with the "standard" Boston kits. A non-glazed nose section is provided in the same grey plastic for this kit. Panel lines are engraved nicely (can't speak towards accuracy as I don't have many references on this aircraft family) and a quick dry run shows relatively decent fit. There aren't any decal options, and the aircraft is to be painted overall flat black.

More as this gets built.