Ryan PT-20

Kit Manufacturer
Out of Box (OOB) or Modified
Rating (1-10 10=best)
Ryan PT-20
Testors (HSO line)
Markings, floats/landplane

This is one of the basic trainers that the thousands of fighter, bomber, transport, and scout pilots in the USAAC started out in. A basic Ryan sportplane set to US Army needs - and one of the aircraft "yellow wing" fans will love. 

The kit itself is as basic as the training that took place in it - if you don't include the two pilot figures, the interior is non existant. You can build this in one of two variants - a U S Army land-based trainer (in chrome yellow and silver) or a Dutch seaplane (with plastic "water" base and beaching gear) in silver. The completed model is tiny - you'll have no problem fitting this on any shelf (or window ledge!) in the house. 

I chose not to install the pilot figures, and scratchbuilt a (very) basic pair of cockpit, using plastic card and parts from the spares box. Since I didn't have references, I built the seats, rudder pedals, and instrument panels with very basic shapes, and painted the inside as an aluminum laquer (similar to early war aircraft.) I also used thread to rig the aircraft - if I were going to do this again, I'd drill small holes in the wings, fuselage, and wheel spats and just run the thread through, instead of trying to super glue it! 

All in all, this is not a highly detailed kit, the fit could use some work, but for something different (and more colorful!) and quick to build, it's an OK kit.