Curtis P-40

1/48 ProModeller P-40E
 1/32 Revell P-40E ->
Kit Manufacturer
Out of Box or Modified
Rating 1-10
ProModeller (Monogram)
RAF and USAAF markings
Out of Box
Out of Box
Yes, I have two different kits of these.  Taken one at a time:
1/48 ProModeller P-40E This kit is a real mess, and I'm suprised it's in the ProModeller line (which has such wonderful kits as the Helldiver.)  The fit is absolutely horrible between the wing and fuselage, the cowl flaps are exceptionally thick, and it took a lot of sanding and putty to get theings squared away.  This kit should not be attempted by anyone with a low level of patience. Still, once you get it completed, it's a halfway decent looking model.  Unlike many of the ProModeller series, there is very little detail added, no photoetched parts, and nothing really to show off. Fortunately, all the "major openings" are closed off so you don't see light through them.
1/32 Revell P-40E:  This kit is an interesting mix of nice features and "toy" features.  You can retract the landing gear and open and close the canopy (fortunately in this scale, the canopy rails aren't obtrusive.)  It has a halfway decently detailed engine, though a little scratch work or a third party kit would be nice.  The ailerons and rudder are positionable.  However, you will have to blank off the wheel wells - or look right through them. They are not detailed at all. The kit itself went together pretty well, though, and with a little extra work, could be made outstanding.  And no, the photo is not reversed, I did manage to put the upper wing insignia on the wrong wing. (Wasn't paying attention.) 8-)