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OK, I'll admit it - I'm trying to get a little money by being an affiliate of both Amazon.Com and Barnes and Noble. But I do know of a few good books, mostly aircraft related, that I think you should check out. First, B&N's storefront...
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cover Nachtjagd : The Night Fighter Versus War...
German Night Fighter Aces of World War 2...
German Night Fighters in World War II :...
cover Nightfighters over the Reich .

Messerschmitt Me 262 : Arrow to the Future
cover Messerschmitt Me 262 : Development,...
Jet Bombers : From the Messerschmitt Me-262...

HE-162 Volksjaeger
Heinkel He 162 'Volksjager'
cover Heinkel He 162 (X Planes of the Third Reich.

cover Focke Wulf 190 : The Birth of the Butcher Bird
Fw 190 A/F/G/s (Aircraft Monograph)

German Jets
cover German Jets : 1944-1945.

Junkers Ju 88
Junkers Ju 88 in Action/Part 1

Zerstorer Gruppe : A History of V./(Z)Lg...
Messerschmitt Bf110 Zerstorer Aces of...

'Uhu' - He 219 : -Best Night Fighter ofWW2
Heinkel He 219 Uhu (Luftwaffe Profile series)