'71 Chrysler Hemi 'Cuda

Kit Kit Manufacturer Scale Price Options Out of Box or Modified Rating (1-10)
'71 Chrysler Hemi 'Cuda Testors 1:24 $15 7

The '71 Barracuda was Chrysler's answer to the Camaro and BOss mustangs. Its distinctive shape has kept people's heads turning for nearly 30 years, and its Hemi engine gives it the power to hold its own.

The kit itself is another metal bodied release from Testors. It comes in green, with black and chrome parts.

The engine itself is in chrome and black, and comes with wires to run to the distributor (a nice touch.) The lack of color in the engine compartment can be rectified with some quick painting, though the low rise of the hood doesn't let it get seen very easily. The engine goes together rather quickly and easily.

The interior also fits together easily, but everything but the shift lever is in black (the lever is chromed.) No seat belts or other interior details are provided. The instrument panel is provided as a decal - be sure to put this on before doing anything else, as it's hard to get to otherwise. I used Rub 'n Buff on the hub and arms of the steering wheel and ridges of the pedals to bring them out a bit more. Given the dark interior, louvered rear window, and overall difficulty of seeing inside even with the doors open, I wouldn't put much effort into superdetailing.

The front grille is chromed - you may want to do a wash (apply black paint, then wipe it off of the high, chromed areas) to give this some depth. (As you can see, I didn't.) You may also want to paint the marker lights on the front and sides to bring them out as well.

The underside is molded in black, with the underside of the engine, transmisison, exhaust, and driveshaft integral to the chassis. You may want to take some time and paint these a metallic color to bring them out, as well.

The side louvers for the engine compartment are molded into the metal body, with decals for the "holes" and chrome trim provided. Use a strong decal setting solution (MicroSol or Solvaset) to get the decals to settle in - you may want to clearcoat with Future as well to keep the decals on.

Overall, the kit goes together easily, with no tools except a screwdriver needed. There were no fit problems, though again some work with a paintbrush will bring this up to a better level of detail. It does capture the overall "look" of this car quite well, however, and is a good, quick kit to build.