48 Ford F-1 Pickup metalbody

Kit Manufacturer Scale Price Options Out of Box or Modified Rating (1-10)
48 Ford F-1 Metalbody Testorsr 1:24 $15 7
OK, I'll admit it. I'm not much of a truck person. But my wife, wonderful lady she is, wanted to do something while I was building my models. We saw this (along with most of the metalbodies in this site) at WalMart, and she wanted to give it a shot. The fact that she got it together without trouble, and she doesn't build models too often, should be enough to let you know how easy this is to put together.

The kit itself is a mix of metal and plastic parts. The body is prepainted black, but can of course be reprimed and repainted another color if you so choose. Most plastic parts are in dark grey or black, with the exception of the clear, red, and chromed bits. The kit went together in roughly an hour (of watching TV as well,) with no real tricky areas. You may want a bit of superglue or white glue, however, as some of the chrome parts come out easily (such as the "nostril" intakes.) Other than that, all you really need to put this together are some water for the decals and a small phillips screwdriver.

The kit looks detailed enough to suit the casual builder, though with the metal body, the few lines on the body that don't actually open or seperate it seem somewhat heavy to me, thus the lower rating above. Other than that, I can't complain about the kit. And somehow those heavier lines seem "right" for a truck like this. Reccommended.