Plymouth Prowler

Kit Kit Manufacturer Scale Price Options Out of Box or Modified Rating (1-10)
Plymouth Prowler Testors (metalbody) 1:25 $14 8
The Plymouth Prowler show car turned heads when it was first shown - enough to bring it from the conceptual world to production. It was initially intended to sell for roughly $15,000 but that hasn't come to pass, these cars selling for around $40,000.

This is another metal body kit from Testors, known for "working" steering, relative durability and ease of assembly. They're basically unassembled promotional cars, sold as kits. They're great for bringing kids into modelling, as they're not hard to get together, and rather durable - though some have small parts you may want to leave off in order to keep them from getting swallowed. They will survive rough handling.

The kits don't have the highest detail - but they do have enough to give a dedicated modeller a base. These are what I tend to think of as hybrids - they have an engine "top" of sorts (often to help hide the steering mechanism) that's available for further detailing, but the chassis bottom has a similar layout as a curbside kit (the engine bottom and transmission are moulded into the chassis.) The doors and hood (and if available, trunk) open, wheels turn, and as the front wheels steer, the steering wheel turns. (As I said - great for getting kids into modelling.)