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Mike Grant Decals Captured J2M3

Mike Grant Decals

1/48 or 1/72

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During and after the war, the Allies tried to get their hands on as many of the Axis aircraft as possible. In Germany, this led to captured ME-262s, AR-234s, FW-190s, and the like (in addition to aircraft like the ME-109 that had been picked up during the war itself.) In Japan, though most aircraft were destroyed, some were taken and tested - sometimes with shocking results. The J2M "Jack" was found to be an exceptional aircraft, a match if not better than the best Allied aircraft in theatre. If it werent' for production disruption and poorly trained pilots, Allied fighter and bomber crews would have had a much tougher time of it dealing with these aircraft.

I've reviewed the Hasegawa J6M2 "Jack" kit in 1/48 before. It's an excellent kit that goes together very easily. But if you want something different...

There is one photo that has made the rounds online and in various books showing a J2M "Jack" that was captured and tested by the U.S. It's been stripped of all the Japanese markings and paint, given US insignia, and test flown. It's one that will turn heads - though it might get confused with a "junior" P-47. The main markings arent' difficult to come up with, but sizing them and getting all the little stencils is another matter.... Enter Mike Grant Decals.

Mike Grant decals is a small, "cottage industry" decal maker in Canada. He actually prints these at home on his Alps printer - a very nice, "micro-dry" pirnter that was actually featured in Finescale Modeller's "how to make your own decals" article a while ago. Unlike the large manufacturers with their silkscreening processes, this type of arrangement leads to a continuous carrier under all the decals, so you MUST trim (closely) around each decal. The clarity and quality of the results can't be beat, however.

These decals come on a small sheet. There really AREN'T that many markings needed for this aircraft - it's natural metal all over, with basic insignia. But having them all in one sheet is very nice! The basic color sheet given is more than enough for proper decal placement.

As mentioned before, the decals are very crisp and clear, and are available in 1/48 and 1/72 scale. If you want a different "jack," something that'll turn some heads, or just like captured aircraft, look into this sheet!

Reccommended. Check out his web site(Mike Grant Decals) for other aircraft (Greek F-16s, Canadian CF-5s, A-10s, and other really interesting subjects - for a challenge, try the MiG-23!)