Mike Grant Decals Greek and Bahrain F-16

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Greek and Bahrain AF F-16C/D

Mike Grant Decals

1/48 or 1/72

$6 or $8 (dep on scale)

Two aircraft


The F-16 is in service with many nations beside the U.S. Two not normally seen are Greece and Bahrain... until now...

As I've mentioned in other reviews, Mike Grant Decals is a home-run busienss (in more ways than one.) Mike designs the decals and prints them in his basement as ordered using an Alps printer. These give him good color density and sharpness. They are printed on decal stock, though, so there is carrier film running across the entire sheet. You just have to make sure to trim around each decal.

These decals are no different - very nicely done, in register, good color. You can make two single or dual seat aircraft (two aircraft total, I should say.) The Bahrain AF example is unique in its markings - build one, take it to a club meeting, and have people guess (OK, the "Bahrain Amiri Air Force" text on the side would probably give it away.) It's a simple scheme to build, but it does have unique markings.

I think most modellers are going to go for the Greek air force scheme. Typically when you see a Falcon, it's in the two-tone air defence grey scheme. The Greek aircraft is in a nice, multi-grey camoflage scheme (the tones tend to lean towards tan or blue when you see them together.) There are very few camoflaged F-16s that I know of (Venezuela, some experimental US F-16 schemes, and USN F-16N Aggressor aircraft are all that come to mind immediately) so this one will be a real standout. To help you with the scheme, Mike gives you a nice multi-view of the aircraft.

All in all, this will give you a pair of outstanding F-16s. Go pick up the Hasegawa F-16C/D kits, get this set of decals, and put some really nifty looking aircraft out on the display shelf. Reccommended.