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April 2013:

I'm in the middle of deciding whether to start over with this site or just set up a new blog at this point. I haven't really kept up with the site - obviously! - and as something that once started out as a portion of a personal web page (remember when ISPs offered those?) and grew into its own site, well, organization is all over the place.
Really what's probably best is for me to set up a blog with my current projects, and a link here. After a few years of chaos, I am back into building - mostly F-5s and F-18s, a few P-36s and the like. Unfortunately most of my old collection... well, is gone. Which, in a way, is good - I get to start over (and have done so.) On the other hand, I can't take better pictures of the old models. (Which may be a good thing!)

Do I have stuff to update? Of course! I've been building several kits in 2012, and already in mid-April I've got some F-5s, a P-36, the Kinetic F-5a (nice little kit, by the way, even with quirks of its own) and not one but two Monogram F-18s underway... including the old prototype I'd mentioned on the A-18 kit page on this site. (And that's the other one I'm building again.) An F-15 was also thrown in (used kit, got it with one of the F-5s) and while not perfect, well, it's there. :) If I set up a blog to do this - which, honestly, is FAR more convenient - I'll put a nice, big link here so all two of you a year that check this out can see where I've gone. ;)

Also, in answer to a commonly asked question - while we'd love the money, we're not a store. We're just a review site, started to share one person's hobby. Visit our Links page for model manufacturers and hobby stores - and don't forget to check out your local hobby shops, too.