These are sites and resources I've found useful over time, put here for your convenience.
EMAIL ME with questions or comments, or if you have any other interesting sites.

General modelling sites:

Aircraft Resource Center - Relatively new magazine, with walkarounds and kit reviews.
Hyperscale - Very large modelling site, an almost daily stop for me.
Internet Modeller - Monthly modelling magazine. Very good.
Modelling Madness - updates frequently, several built up and in box reviews.
PC Modeler - Doesn't update as frequently, but worth a look.
Japanese Aircraft site - just what the name implies. Good info.
Luft '46 - site dedicated to some of the (very interesting) "What If" Luftwaffe projects
Luftwaffe Projekts : Interesting site.
Looking for books? Go to this page, please.


If you don't have a news server (check with your service provider,) try getting to them through Google Groups. They, and I, can't be held responsible for what's posted. On occasion there will be spam (unsolicited, out of place, off topic postings for things like porn sites) but they're (fortunately) rare. Google also won't carry the binary groups - if you can't get a newsgroup server through your ISP, ignore the binary groups, or look for a third party news server.
rec.models.scale - Good modelling tips, news, and advice - just ask.
alt.binaries.models.scale - Occasionally shows model pictures, since it's a binary group, it does get other spam. - Pictures of military hardware and uniforms.
rec.arts.anime.models - DIscussion group for Anime-based models (mostly Gundam, but some figures, Macross, Star Blazers, and the like gets in there too.)


Twobobs decals - Aggressors, Enduring Freedom, and more sheets of (mostly US) interesting aircraft!
Eagle Strike (formerly Aeromaster) -
Aztek - Some of the best airbrushes around.
Dragon/DML - Highly detailed kits
Hasegawa - Hasegawas home, in japanese
ICM - New, but very good
Revell-Monogram - One of the older kit manufacturers, but very good
Testors - Great paints.
Tamiya - High quality Japanese kit manufacturer
Verlinden - Resin updates and figures.
Flightdecs - Manufacturer and supplier of outstanding decals
Accurate Miniatures - They're back! Manufacturer of exceptional kits.

Catalogs and online hobby shops:

Airline Hobby Supply
Roll Models - fast service, decent prices
HobbyLink Japan - Want a Tamiya, Hasegawa, Nichimo kit? Maybe Gundam?  You'll probably get it here cheapest.
Squadron Mailorder - the paper catalog's better, but you get good service here.
Meteor Productions - manufacturer/distributor of Blackmagic masks, Cutting Edge decals, etc.
Marco Polo Imports - distributor of Hasegawa, Tamiya, etc.

Other sites (link exchanges, non model related) - gaming, discussion, and other such stuff.