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Serpent Custom



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Fans of the Gundam Wing series know of the OVA (video) finale, "Endless Waltz." Aside from the radical changes to the "W-boys" Gundams, a new Mobile Suit was introduced as an enemy suit. Based on Trowa's Heavyarms Custom, the Serpent was armed with two large gattling cannon on each arm, a beam cannon and bazooka, as well as missiles in the shoulders. For a "mass production," line suit, it's an impressive looking machine.

The Kit

This is the first 1/100 Gundam *anything* I've purchased. Getting the box was a suprise - for something that shouldn't seem that much bigger, the box is several times the size of the 1/144 Gundam kits. It's got a ton of parts in it, as well as figures of Marimaya and Relena (unpainted) in 1/35 scale. The parts are molded in several colors, using the Bandai "system injection