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Whether you're a new visitor or a returning reader, I hope you enjoy our new look. I undertook this change to try to make things look less cluttered and be more accessible to more people. Also, we are now accepting article submissions for the site. Why? Simply put, you get to hear what modellers besides myself have to say, and you have a place to show off your finished work! Before submitting, though, please read this note to contributors.

One of the updated ME-262 photosh

The site's focus is going to be expanding beyond the kits themselves, to things like equipment, paint, and decal sheet reviews. I really do want to ask for your help with submissions, though - especially in things like cars, armor, figures, and ships! You'll notice there aren't many of them here. Send me your reviews - don't worry that you don't think they're "good enough" or "too amateur" - you'd be suprised at what others think of your models!

Feel free to sign my Guestbook, or just take a look through.It's always good to hear from visitors and get your opinions. You can also join some discussion lists I moderate on eGroups... look down below the "new items" for easy subscription.

I hope the pages are informative and fun for you. Thanks for visiting!

Don Color Great color profiles and camoflage color and scheme reference.

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12/17/2011 - wow, has it been that long? Testors F/A-18B finished! Destined for a ceiling. (I've built a few others, but I have to remember to add them on.)

7-10-02 Mobile Suit Gundam strikes again - MS-07B Gouf review added. The Zaku's coming, I promise....

7-1-02 Site of the month changed. Links to discussion groups moved to their own page to help clean things up. Working on a Zaku review.... and I'm thoroughly annoyed with some contests.

6-21-02 P-40B built and painted, review finished.

6-15-02 F-89C build review added, and changes made to the photos for the ME-262A-1a/U2 review - you can actually SEE the plane now!

5-28-02 Oh, my, two reviews in a month! The Yak-9 was updated, and a new review of the YAK-1 from Accurate Miniatures is now up. Enjoy!

5-23-02 - Yes, I live... One review, the Yak-9k from ICM. More coming.... this was initially in the Modeling Madness YAK contest, so I had to wait to put this up. One more coming....

4-26-02 - Gundam Epyon. That's a change of pace.... and a fun little kit.

4-7-02 - Finally finished this one! Hasegawa 1:48 ME-109F Jabo article up.

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