A note from the owner

Hi there... yeah, I'm the one that tries to keep bringing more content here, mostly through things I've built. We've had two or three submitted articles, but for the most part, what's here is the work of my own little hands.

The reason I had to put this note here is to let you know - right now, yes, I'm using Tripod's free setup, thus the ads on-site (sorry about that.) I never thought I'd grow this large...

If you don't know, Tripod has two limits on this site. First is 20 Mb of space. Given the number of pictures on the site, it shouldn't suprise you I'm nearly at that limit.  The other one, though, might well suprise you - We have 1 Gb of bandwidth alloted each month, and we use almost all of it up (with over 10,000+ page views a month on average.)

Given how rare the updates have been of late, I'm still  suprised at that.

In any case, I have to start trying to figure out what to do, given that I'm already scraping my head at the site size limits. I can...
1. Just let the site stay as is. Yeah, sure - I'm adding stuff to show off the models. It'll be slow for a bit again - remember, I'm moving - but I'm not going to stop building.

2. Move (cars/space/etc) off to another site. I thought of this, but... first, what to move, and second, the biggest chunk of space goes with the model aircraft pictures (13.5 meg.) Moving armor, cars, space, etc.... well, look at the space the other sections take up.
Space used
256 Kb (or .25 Mb)
1.5 Mb
2 Mb
582 Kb(.6 Mb)
11.5 Kb (.01 Mb)
4.35 Mb

 Bet the space entry was suprising - it's mostly because of the Gundam stuff.
Yes, this is a possibility - but it's only a patch. On the other hand, it means more room for cars and/or Gundam (the only two I really build much of.)

3. Pay for an upgrade through Tripod (I don't like moving my physical stuff... electronic is worse.) Problem being I haven't worked in 18 months at this point, and nobody donates... not that that's suprising in this economy.  (So how do I model? Know all those box reviews that never get done? They've been on eBay....)

So, realistically, my options are #2 - split the site - and #3, buy more space. I'd like to hear from you folks reading the site, though - because what I don't know about #2 is how much the cars and/or gundam reviews are really seen or used. If they're barely accessed, it won't affect the bandwidth much at all.

So, drop me a line at modelers_home@hotmail.com  and let me know what you think - how much do you go through the space/Gundam/car reviews? Would you want them on their own site? Would you prefer I strip anything that's not an airplane from here? Let me know.  Of course, if you spam me... well, I won't notice unless I'm in a lousy mood. I delete several hundred Viagra/home loan/virus/porn spams a day.