Eric McCann

32 Elm St
Oconomowoc, WI 53066

This resume also available for download in WordPerfect 9 and Rich Text formats.

Technical Knowledge

Operating Systems :

DOS - MSDos 5 - 6.22, PCDos 7, DRDos/ OpenDOS 7
Windows: 3.1, 95, 98, Windows NT 3.51 and 4 Workstation and Server
Others: OS/2 2.1 - 4 (including beta testing of 4.0), BeOS 5


I can install and troubleshoot PC hardware, including processors, memory, video cards, and network cards. (NICs) I have maintained a small peer-to-peer network at home, and given support to larger, client-server networks over the phone and via email.
I have built PCs from "scratch" ranging from 486-class machines to Pentium III/Athlon class machines, using ISA/EISA, VESA, PCI, and AGP expansion formats.


Office suites - MSOffice 6, Office95 and 97, WordPerfect Suite 8, Lotus Smartsuite 96/97 for Windows and OS/2
Office software not included in Suites: Lotus 1-2-3 2.0, WordPerfect 5.1 - 6 for DOS, Windows, and OS/2 (5.1 only,) Quattro Pro 2.0.
Veritas BackupExec for NT Server 6 - 7.4, Backup Exec for Windows 95 2.0, Desktop98, NT Workstation.
Internet Explorer 2-5.5, Netscape Navigator 2-6, Opera 3, Mosaic 3.0
Outlook Express, Outlook 97/98, Eudora 3-5, Netscape mail (messenger)

Other knowledge:

I am familiar with HTML 2.0 - 4, and have maintained my own websites for many years. (See, a hobby site.) I primarily hand-code the sites.
I have provided technical support and customer service for many years now, over the phone, via email / web sites, and in person.


9-2000 to 12-2000: BAE Computers
Position:Voulenteer technician

Duties included speaking with customers and explaining features and/or work that has been done on their PC, troubleshooting, updating, and repairing Windows-based PCs, evaluating incoming donated machines, and evaluating incoming components.

6-2000 to current:
Tech support
While not an actual 'employer,' this site allows people to put their technical questions up for technicians to bid on. I have provided support through this site several questions over the past few months.

4-2000 to 6-2000 800 Support (now
ISP tech support Duties consisted of providing technical support to Internet customers on issues ranging from server problems to setup and upgrades of accounts, as well as a degree of customer service.

12-1999 to 2-2000 Convergys
PC OEM tech support
Duties consisted of providing technical support to OEM PC customers. This included troubleshooting hardware, confirming warranty coverage, and setting up in-home visits by technicians or shipping replacement parts to customers.

5-1998 to 11-1999 Seagate Software/Veritas
Personal and Enterprise-level backup software technical Support
Duties consisted of providing support for Seagate Software (now Veritas) backup solutions. Initial support was on NT Workstation, Windows 95/98, and OS/2 products. I was shortly transferred to the NT Server product support team due to my NT knowledge, and troubleshot heterogenous network environments, MS Exchange, SQL, and Oracle backups, as well as tape device installation and configuration.

11-1997 to 5-1998 TekSystems/AeroTek
Technical temporary help
Left due to lack of work. Assignment included assisting bank in migrating and updating their teller computer stations after a bank merger.

8-1997 to 10-1997 Self employed Technical / IT support
Worked as a contractor with Scholastic Book Fairs,Lake Mary/Heathrow, FL. in updating and migrating their desktop PCs, as well as testing and configuring new computer systems as they came in to replace old systems.

7-1997 to 8-1997 IAG Internet
Technical support
Provided phone-based and personal technical support to Internet customers.

7-1995 to 7-1997 Software Support, Inc (now Convergys) Technical Support
Provided telephone technical support for a variety of hardware vendors, software vendors, and Internet providers. Also provided customer service for one client, and created training materials for the technicians on their line of products, as well as delivering the initial training sessions for said products. Company was purchased by Maatrix Marketing, then split off after I left initally to become Convergys.

1-1994 to 5-1995 Self employed Technical support
In addition to the varied services listed below, I provided technical assistance and consulting to several small businesses. I provided initial training, hardware and software setup, and researched software and hardware purchases for these businesses. Unfortunately, the businesses have since closed.

11-1993 to 7-1995 Varied temp agencies Varied duties
While finishing school (ITT Technical Institute, see Education section) I applied at numerous temporary services including Olsten and TekSystems. Duties included data entry for JC Penny Credit, and manual and computer-aided drafting services.

7-1990 to 3-1992 Various temp and retail Varied duties
After high school graduation in 1990, I worked at retail (Kohl's department store) as a stockperson, at Metro Milwaukee Auto Auction, and at various temporary service assignments until entering ITT Technical Institute.

Education and Certifications

6-1990 Oak Creek Senior High School
Graduated, diploma
11-1993 ITT Technical Institute
AAS, Computer aided drafting technology
2-1998 TekSystems/CompTIA
A+ Certification