Site of the Month

What is it?

This is a site I want to bring to your attention this month. It's either a site that's really impressed me with the information, or one I regularly visit (not that one excludes the other!) I'll try to put a different site up every month, with some information about it.

Site Name Notes
MARCH 2001 Hyperscale - an online modelling magazine Site updates frequently, and covers a wide variety of subjects, as well as providing galleries, profiles, and research information. A regular stop for me!
APRIL 2001 Modeling Madness Reasonably frequent updates. I like this site because it has a LOT of reviews, and retains a rather "small site" feel (it started out as a personal site, as well.)
MAY 2001 VVS Modelling site A great site for those of you interested in WWII era Soviet aircraft.
JUNE 2001 The Aircraft Resource Center Great site, esp. for walkarounds and the Instruction Sheet Library!
JULY 2001 J-Aircraft Japanese aircraft from WWII
AUGUST 2001 Luft 46 "What if" German aircraft from WWII
SEPTEMBER 2001, a good F-16 resource
OCTOBER 2001 Google newsgroups An easy, service - independant way to get to newsgroups like Rec.Models.Scale, itself a great resource.
NOVEMBER 2001 Tony Matellano's Scale Model Index THE first stop when looking for model links.
DECEMBER 2001 Site held over
January 2002 Twobobs Decals The source for Aggressor decals!
February 2002 Books and models from eastern Europe - check out the links!
June 2002 Peruvian aviation Peruvian aviation - for something a little off the beaten trail.
July 2002 Don Color Great color profiles and camoflage color and scheme reference.
August 2002 The official Gundam webpage. Yes, more gundam..
September 2002 PC Modeler Good overall modeling site
December 2002 Toys for Tots Just for the season.
January 2003 The P-40 page For all you Warhawk fans out there!
Feb 2003 The Mozilla browser If you hate the popups (sorry!) you'll love the browser...
March 2003 Aztec Models For Latin American aircraft. Unique subjects.
April 2003 Multiple interesting subjects
June 2003 Unreal aircraft Interesting aircraft not seen too often