Note to contributors:

So you want to send along an article? Great! Before you email off anything, though, read this.

I make no claims on your articles. They're yours - and as a note, they should *be* yours. Just common sense.

I do, and will, edit articles. I won't change your opinions on a kit, but I will do any neccessary cleanup of spelling, sentence structure, and the like. Photographs may also be altered slightly to fit on the page, or to make them somewhat easier to see.

Just because you submit an article here does not mean you can't submit it somewhere else. I make no claims to exclusivity. It's your work, after all - show it off!

Pictures - If sent electronically, pictures should be in the JPG (JPEG) format. I would prefer nothing over 400 pixel width - but I can alter that, if you're not sure about setting this. I will also convert from other formats, but please, don't send a bitmap that you've been using as wallpaper. They can be huge.

Pictures, part two - If you don't have a scanner, but do have snapshots, I can use them and scan them for you. THEY WILL NOT be returned, unless you include a post-paid envelope to get them back. 35mm photos are preferred, 110s are usable as well. Polaroids - well, can work, but usually don't turn out too well.

Articles - I can accept articles in a variety of formats, but really do prefer pure text. (Less to clean up.) If you type it into your email client, it's fine. I can also accept Word 1,2,6, or 95 (WordPad uses this by default,) AMI Pro or WordPro 97, or WordPerfect up to version 8. Please don't try to send me HTML - I'll have to redo it to fit it into the site.

Kit Information - Please include the following -

That's really it. Of course, please be considerate in the review - no matter how frustrating the kit, calling it a piece of **** really won't help... and try to credit any outside sources of photos as well (I try to, but sometimes don't recall where a picture is from.)

Thanks! Finally, send the article to, and make sure to note it's an article submission.