I originally had a set of tips on the "Resources" page. It was a small collection, and worked for when I started this off. Since then, however, I've had more experience, and had many people ask "how to" type questions, so I've expanded this section into its own page. Some of the tips will be migrating over here, others will be replaced by more extensive write-ups.

There is one tip I initially called "The biggest rule." I still feel it's one of the most important ones, and one that people do lose sight of as they build for the next big contest, or get put down by the "know it all" on the club or online. It's simply this: Build it for you. If it's not perfect, but you enjoyed building it, the model has done its job. If it gets to be work, and nobody's paying you for it - put it away. And if someone derides you for being a "mere kit assembler," for not having everything perfect, or the like, don't let them get to you. This is, for most of us, a hobby, and a hobby is meant to be enjoyed by the person doing it.

With that out of the way...