65 Corvette Coupe

Kit Kit Manufacturer Scale Price Options Out of Box or Modified Rating (1-10)
65 Corvette Coupe Monogram? 1:25 $8 8
The 1965 Corvette was the middle of the "Mako Shark 1" inspired Corvettes. 1964 saw the removal of the split rear window (seen only on the 1963 model,) 1965 saw the removal of the fake hood "grilles" and a bunch of minor detail changes (such as restyling the 'vents' behind the front wheels.)
This kit has been with me through several moves and several years, so honestly, I don't recall much about it. From memory, it went together pretty well, with no major problems (though the wheels are a little off by now.) I painted the interior black, which hides a lot of detail available inside. The interior is nicely done, however. The exterior was well done, nothing good or bad really stands out about it (except the windshield wipers which didn't stay on.) The "knockoff" wheel covers were executed well, with the knockoffs as seperate pieces (be sure to scrape the chrome from them.)
I painted the exterior with a spraycan of Testor's metallic "garnet" color before joining the clear parts and the rest of the body to it. Let it dry decently before handling it. It's a very dark color - you may want a lighter color interior if you choose to use it.