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Glad you stopped by my little showcase here. No, it's not a store - just a little vanity site that's grown somewhat popular. (Even if I don't always get to update it that often!)

What you'll find here are photos of my models (plastic, not women - if you got here through one of THOSE kinds of searches, sorry to disapoint you.) Most are just completed models, but many have in-box and in progress shots. One or two are actually articles others have decided to submit to the site.

I really don't mind feedback on the models, and gladly answer questions when I can. You can email me, or just leave a note in the Guestbook. Finally, if you are really interested in some specific subjects and want more information, check out the Rec.models.Scale newsgroups, or look through Yahoo groups - some of which I run.

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Starship Modeler
Way overdue link change. I'll probably be doing an auto rotation soon. Starship Modeler is the place to go for space/scifi modeling reviews. Check it out, even if you're not into space or sci fi.


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