Gundam and Mecha Modeling

Deathscythe head shot

I found my eye caught by the Wing Zero Custom model some years ago, while I was still in Wisconsin. I hadn't ever really paid attention to Gundam, but I was burning out on aircraft. The design was unique and colorful, so - being cheap at Walmart - I picked it up.

It started an avalanche. I now have several Mecha models - mostly from the Gundam universe, but a few others have crept in. I have seperated these by series and scale:

Gundam series: 1/144

RX-87-2 Gundam
Char's custom Zaku II
Shenlong Gundam

Gundam series: 1/100

Serpent Custom
Wing Gundam Zero Custom
Deathscythe Hell
Deathscythe Hell Custom
Aile Strike Gundam

Patlabor series: 1/60

Griffon Labor  


Panzer World Galient series